Costume Designer Lorraine Carson, has been involved in the world of show biz all her life. Her father “Kit Carson” was a Country-Western Entertainer throughout Canada and England.  Lorraine followed into the family business from studying classical ballet, modern dance and singing at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, to traveling the globe as a performer with the UN Forces shows.  

Through the years, Lorraine has been active in pursuing her many talents and feels these early experiences as a singer/dancer served as stepping stones in understanding the needs and concerns of actors and performers in her role as a Costume Designer.

One of the head Costume cutters at Stratford Shakespeare Festival recognized Lorraine’s talents and she was offered an apprenticeship in theatre and film.   This experience lead her to numerous opportunities in the world of live theatre, TV commercials and television shows, as well as the opportunity to work alongside such talented individuals as: Director/Cinematographer, Derek Vanlint (known for his breathtaking visuals on the film Alien), Producer/Writer, David E. Kelly of Boston Legal,  Ally McBeal and The Practice, Director Jay Roach best known for Austin Powers and Meet the Fockers Director Joachim Ronning – Pirates of  the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Lorraine considers herself fortunate to have worked with such stars as:  Johnny Depp, Jacqueline Bissett,  Geoffrey Rush, Catherine Keener, Russell Crowe, Taylor Schilling, Pierce Brosnan, Andie MacDowell, Kevin Costner, Carrie Fisher, John Travolta, Jeff Goldblum, Patty Duke, Mike Myers, Donald Sutherland, Cybill Shepherd, Ben Foster, Kirstie Alley, Martin Short, Queen Latifah, Patrick Stewart, Scott Foley, Brenda Fricker and Tom Beringer. 

Throughout her career, Lorraine has been acknowledged for her talents and organizational skills.  Her theatre background, with its’ emphasis on history and attention to detail has been of great value when asked to design period films. She has created everything from the 1600’s and the opulent world of the Spanish conquistadors to the 1880’s and the cowboy western.  Ms. Carson’s talents and professional manner have not gone unnoticed by her peers, as she has been nominated for a Gemini Award for Best Costume Design on the popular TV series Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy. Leo Nominations in Best Costume Design for the TV series Cedar Cove, also the Motion Pictures Little Pink House and The Philosophy of Phil.

Ms. Carson divides her time between Los Angeles CA and Vancouver BC, Canada.